Gartner, 2015

"Poor quality of data costs an average organization $13.5 million per year, yet data governance problems are worsening."

IBM, 2013

"One in three business leaders don't trust the information they use to make decisions."

KPMG, 2016

"Only ten percent of organizations believe that they excel in quality of data, tools and methodologies."

100% Trust

Qmon is the first monitoring tool that enables you to validate 100% of the data that is being sent to your web analytics and digital marketing platforms. Qmon empowers you to trust your data again, have correct actionable insights, and stay in control during the digital transformation of your organization.

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Audience Based
Realtime Monitoring

Qmon works real-time and validates real behaviour. This means that Qmon validates data from all browsers and devices, works on your production and test environments, validates pages that are not part of pre-defines test scenarios, and validates real orders.

Compared to other data quality monitoring solutions, Qmon is unique in its audience based approach, going beyond the limitations of scenario and crawler testing that other solutions offer.

  • Realtime validation and alerting

    Get alerted and fix issues before they corrupt your data.

  • Report on data quality

    Rest easy and reassure others by having a realtime view on data quality.

  • Detailed diagnostics

    Stop wasting time on the manual discovery and analysis of issues.

Missing tags

Get direct alerts on any problem with the loading of marketing tags, crucial to the success of your campaigns.

SPRINT workflow

Qmon is audience based (validating real user behaviour) so it has no problem with monitoring development, test, or staging environments. Qmon is often used by development teams during sprint cycles to ensure new releases do not corrupt data collection.

Missing orders

Discover errors in digital data collection that lead to differences between order numbers in analytics solutions and back-end systems.

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Easy deployment and operation

  • Cloud-based, high availability, high performance
  • Deployed by adding a simple plugin to your website
  • No development effort is required for standard Qmon deployments
  • Business users and analysts do not require in-depth technical expertise to configure Qmon and leverage the tool for success of the organization.

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Do you want to have control over data quality, trust your data, and maximize value of digital analytics and marketing investments.

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